Dr. Jessica Oswald is an accomplished mentor with a passion for guiding students and residents through the rigorous path of medical education. With over a decade of experience in academic advising, she has become a trusted resource for pre-med students, medical students, and current residents seeking guidance on pursuing medical school, residency, or fellowship.

Dr. Oswald's expertise lies in helping students navigate the complex application process for medical school, residency, and fellowship programs. Her extensive knowledge of the medical education system, combined with her exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, has helped countless students achieve their dreams of becoming physicians.

As an award-winning mentor, Dr. Oswald has received recognition for her dedication to her students' success. She has been honored for her ability to inspire and motivate her mentees to achieve their goals, and for her unwavering commitment to supporting them throughout their medical education journey.

In addition to her role as an academic advisor, Dr. Oswald is also an accomplished researcher and educator. She has published numerous articles and presented at conferences on a wide range of topics related to medical education and healthcare, and has served as a guest lecturer at several prestigious institutions.

Whether you are a pre-med student just beginning your journey, a medical student seeking guidance on residency selection, or a resident looking to pursue a fellowship, Dr. Oswald has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals. With her guidance, you can navigate the challenges of medical education with confidence and achieve success as a physician.

"I found Dr. Oswald through an internet search on emergency medicine providers that also practice pain medicine. I reached out to her for guidance on how to make myself more competitive for the pain medicine fellowship. She enthusiastically responded and provided me with continuous mentorship over a course of months. My CV was markedly improved, and I matched at one of the top ranked pain programs in the country. Thank you, Dr. Oswald!"

- Paul DeJulio MD

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